About Cary Grant, the Author

About Cary Grant, AuthorCary Grant grew up in South London and left school at a very young age.  He has been an entrepreneur for most his life.

At age 50, he finally found the time to write, which is something he has been passionate about for many years.

He lives with his partner in Surrey.

Author Highlights

  • Cary’s debut novel Burnt – Christmas on Fire, (Part 1) was released in time for Christmas 2015.
  • Part 2, Burnt – I want my life back, followed closely behind in time for Easter 2016.
  • In summer 2016 he has combined both parts into a handy Complete Series which is now available on Amazon in digital, paperback and hardback editions.

Cary has written a further two books, one of which is currently published, called MAX, and a further which will be out in time for Christmas 2018.

Screenwriter Highlights

Cary has taken his talents further a field and is now co-writing the screenplay for the BURNT – Christmas on Fire movie, which will be produced by Stone Empire Pictures in London.

App Development Highlights

Cary has also spent a good part of the past 2 years on developing an app to help the aged, which is something very dear to his heart. More on this shortly.

More to come as his artistic journey continues.

“Yes, this is my real name”