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Do You Like What You See? by Cary Grant (Author)

Do You Like What You See? is Cary Grant’s latest novel … officially available in print and digital at all major online retailers.

You can purchase your copy from lulu or itunes or amazon.

Please note that this book is intended for adults 18 and over due to graphic nature of content.

Synopsis … Do You Like What You See?

A Nigerian family decide to leave their home and move to America. Everyone wants the perfect life for their family and we make decisions for their benefit. This decision, cost many people their lives, turned a perfect family against each other … and created a serial killer. But was he created … or was he born like this?

This murder story will have you wondering just how far you would go to save the ones you love.

Sample … Do You Like What You See? …


Jake’s eyes fluttered open. His head hurt so much that for a brief moment, he considered letting himself slip back into the comfort of unconsciousness. But then something caught his attention. This was not at home. Where the hell was he? He looked around the room. The room was painted white, from ceiling to floor. He tried to move, and found that both his hands were tied to a metal bedframe on which he lay. He tried to move his legs, and found that those were tied too. Fear wrapped its icy fingers around his heart and squeezed hard, until he was sure his heart was going to explode with fear. He tugged at the chains binding his hands, but they did not budge. What was happening? Why the hell was he tied up?

“Hello?” he called, and the only response he got was the echo of his voice. “Can anybody hear me?” again he was met with an intense silence. Panicked, he tried again to free his hands, and once again the chains did not budge, clanging stubbornly against the metal frame of the bed.

“Oh can you please shut up?” … came the low, baritone voice that sent a chill up Jake’s spine and goose bumps down his arms. “You are disturbing my peace.”

“Help me! Somebody please help me!” Jake screamed, the echoes getting louder

“You white folk simply do not listen, do you?” A figure emerged from the shadows, dressed in a black hooded sweatshirt that covered most of his face. He was about six feet tall. His shoulders were broad, and they stretched out the sweatshirt over his broad frame. “I said shut up. Look around you. Do you honestly think anybody can hear you?”

Jake took another, less hurried look around the room. There were no windows. The one door that the room had was made of steel, and looked about a foot thick. His heart thundered in his chest like a jackhammer.

“It’s just you and me in here, buddy. Nobody can hear you, no matter how loud you scream,” he informed him, his voice as chilling as ever. He took a chair and placed it beside the bed, turning it around so he could straddle it while facing him.

“Please let me go. Please!” Jake pleaded frantically.

“I haven’t seen your face so I can’t report you to anybody. Please!” he begged, sobbing fearfully

“Let you go?” he chuckled. “After everything I had to go through to get you here? I had to plan, I had to get the details right, I had to rig your tyre so you would come out to fix it; I had to rig it just right so you would have to change it at the exact location I was waiting at. And you just want me to let you go?”

“I have money. I… I can give you all the money you want. Any amount you want”

“Really? You can?” his abductor replied, and hope surged through Jake. Maybe he could actually get out of this.

“Yes… yes. I swear. Any amount you ask for.”Do You Like What You See? by Cary Grant Author

“Oh Jake,” he clucked his tongue, shaking his head with exaggerated sadness “How stupid are you? Do I really look like I need your money, or even want it?”

“So what the fuck do you want?” Jake asked, tears burning the back of his eyes and blocking his throat, please… I will do whatever you want, just let me go.

“I want…” he started, taking a deep breath… “to play a game.”

“What the fuck…? You want to play a game? Right now? What the fuck kind of game is that?”

“Twenty questions. Or in this case, three questions. I will ask three questions. You get one right; I will loosen one of the binds on you. You get all of them right, you are free to go. Deal?”

“Okay. Okay deal! Now let’s do this so I can fucking get out of here!”

“Good!” He got up from the chair and picked up a knife.

“What are you doing with that?” Jake asked, panicked.

“Nothing. I just really like sharp objects,” he said, shrugging casually. He ran the tip of the knife over the length of his forefinger. “First question…” he said, playing with the knife so it caught the light and glinted dangerously. “Oh and one more thing before we start playing. I really like honesty, so please answer all the questions honestly. Do we have a deal?”

“Yes. We have a deal. Now can we start the fucking game?”

“So much strong language. Watch your language, Jake. It is important to be polite.”

“You’re fucking crazy!” Jake replied. His abductor sighed and shook his head.

“You know what happens to people who don’t listen to instructions, Jake? They get punished. I’m afraid I have to punish you now Jake,” he said softly. Taking the knife, he made a quick, deep cut at the back of his ankle.

“Fu – Oh my God!” Jake groaned, gritting his teeth against the pain that flooded him. Blood soaked the white sheets on which he lay.

“You’re a fast learner, aren’t you, Jake. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s get started on our game. First question…” he cut off when kept on hearing whimpering sounds. “Would you please shut up? I need to concentrate!” Jake kept quiet immediately. “Thank you. Now, finally… the first question. Have you ever called a black person a ‘nigga’ …either to his face or behind his back?”

“Yes. I have. People use that word all the damn time. But I’m not racist…” he shouted again, when he received another deep cut with the knife at the back of his ankle.

“I told you to answer the question, not blabber.”

“I’m sorry,” Jake whined, and shut up.

“Good. Now question number two. Have you ever slept with a black woman?”

“You don’t know anything about me, do you? Because if you did, you would know that I am dating a black woman for Pete’s sakes!” The snide remark earned him another gash at the back of his ankle. More blood on the sheets.

“What did I tell you about blabbering?” he asked.

“Yes. I have slept with a black woman!” Jake answered. He was losing blood rapidly and was beginning to lose strength too.

“Good. Now the last question. Do you think the whites are superior to the blacks?”

“I told you before. I am not fu – freaking racist. I do not think whites are superior to blacks. We are all human.”

“Don’t make me hurt you, Jake. Be honest.”

“I swear to you. I am not racist. Now I have answered all your stupid questions. Let me go you fucking cunt!”

The end was quick for Jake. All he saw was the glint of the light on the knife, and all that followed was thick blackness.


“I need you to please calm down, ma’am. And repeat what you just told me,” Detective Craig said into the receiver.

“There is a dead man hanging in the park! Come quickly, Detective! It is such a horrible sight!” she managed to repeat before she dissolved into a puddle of tears.

“Calm down, ma’am. We will be in the park in ten minutes,” he said, placing the receiver back in its cradle. He shot out of his seat immediately.

“Detective Liam. Get your men immediately. There has been an incident in the park,” he barked, walking briskly to his truck, his legs eating up the ground in long strides. He hadn’t received this type of call in years, and he was baffled by it. Essex was usually a very peaceful place, and the thought of a dead man hanging in the park was just too grotesque for their peaceful little town. If it was a murder, he was going to make sure the culprit was brought to justice, whatever it took.

“What is this incident in the park, sir?”

“There has been a murder.”

At his grave announcement, a heavy silence fell on all the men in the truck. A murder in their town was a very rare occurrence and they were shocked to their marrow at the mere thought of it. Detective Craig drove as quickly as he could winding through the late afternoon traffic. Cars scurried this way and that to make way for the truck. They got to the park in exactly ten minutes and found people gathered around a lamp post.

“Please excuse us,” Detective Craig said softly, as people parted for him immediately. He was not ready for what he saw. A young man hung from the lamp post, naked. Several knife marks where scattered about his skin and his…

“Oh fuck. The son of a bitch cut off his dick?” Detective Liam whispered incredulously.

“We found him. Nobody has an idea when he was put there and nobody saw it happen. But we found him a few minutes ago. We also saw this…”

At her words, the crowd separated and he saw the wall behind them. There was a message written on the wall with red paint… or at least he hoped it was red paint. He read it aloud:

“Do you like what you see?”

Son of a bitch.


Do You Like What You See? is a must read for fans of Cary or those who enjoy serial killer stories.

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Do You Like What You See? by Cary Grant Author


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