Joining Hands App - A Support Network built around you

Joining Hands – A Support Network Built Around You

The team at Joining Hands are pleased to announce the official launch of their Joining Hands App. Joining Joining Hands App - A Support Network built around you LogoHands – A Support Network App built around you is designed to bring all the people you care about … together. It is available for iphone and android. (links below)

If you are feeling isolated or lonelyyoung or old– it is a way to connect safely with family, friends, carers, and brings together all the things you care about most, from remembering appointments and shared shopping lists to managing your carers … all in one secure, safe and private app.


This app was the brainchild of two caring individuals, Cary and Sandra. They decided to create this app after experiencing the loneliness and heartbreak felt, whilst caring for someone with multiple illnesses for many years, without the help of good carers and/or information about the help required is not readily available.

Sandra nursed her husband through two strokes, leukaemia and dementia for 4 years. Sandra says that …

“caring for a loved one 24 hours a day is the loneliest place to be.”

Cary looked after Sandra’s husband for a year before he passed away. Cary was not only looking after her husband, but also trying to support Sandra when he could.

Sandra was in a place where she didn’t know where to turn and she felt all alone. Sandra had taken care of her husband for 4 years … before Cary came along. Cary and Sandra took turns working day/night shifts. It was extremely hard watching her husband deteriorate day by day until he passed.

One day, they went out for a walk and she happened to mention that she wished they could come up with an idea that would help others … so they did.

After a long 2 year struggle, Joining Hands are pleased to announce that they can finally share their creation, Joining Hands – A Support Network App built around you … to assist lonely and isolated people, with just a simple click.

Who is Joining Hands for?

Joining Hands is for people in need of support and for the people that provide it, whether its family, friends and/or carers.

It is designed for, but not limited to, use for the following;

  • elderly – to keep in contact with carers, family and friends
  • children – for parents to keep in touch (if they are old enough to have mobile phones)
  • friends – build your own social media network away from the noise of and prying eyes of the “internet of things”
  • family – to keep in contact with each other and share shopping lists or make sure their family members are safe and secure
  • carers – to be there when they are needed most

If you are looking for support, caring for a family member, a professional carer or even a friend of someone who uses the app, Joining Hands lets you keep in touch with friends, family, carers and anyone else in your support network 24/7.


The 16 features that come bundled together in this app consist of the usual… along with the useful and the intelligent.

1. Messages

Joining Hands Messaging allows texting one-to-one… or in a group with easy monitoring for primary contacts.

2. Phone

With a single tap, can call your contacts or start a video call for face-to-face chat.

3. My Details

If you need urgent help, Joining Hands can share vital emergency information from allergies and medical history to family or primary contact details.

4. Calendar

This special Joining Hands Calendar keeps track of your busy schedule and upcoming events with gentle nudges from your support network.

5. Reminders

You or your support network members can set your reminders and Joining Hands will notify you if you might forget something.

6. Shopping

Joining Hands offers shopping lists, whether you are using them yourself or sharing them with a friends, family or carer.

7. Location

If you have taken a wrong turn, Joining Hands can guide you home and notify primary contacts that you are safe and/or where to find you should you need assistance.

8. Social

Your own private social space to share pictures or videos safely and securely with your support network, without prying eyes and internet noise.

9. Video

Your personal YouTube channel to cover anything from your favorite recipes, gardening and fitness ideas to your favorite music videos, everything you care about on your own private channel.

10. Time Tracking

Primary contacts receive a clear view of how long carer’s are spending with their loved ones.

11. News

Trusted up-to-the minute news feed from trusted sources like the BBC.

12. Alerts

One-click alerting notifies everyone in your support network and provides your location.

13. Alexa

If you have Amazon Alexa at home, and you do not have access to your phone, Alexa can be programmed to send notifications and information of any incidents to your support network on your behalf.

14. Night Mode

Joining Hands even comes with a dark/night mode for those who need to avoid the glare of white screens.

15. Advice

With advice at your finger tips you can get practical tips from the Joining Hands’ team of professionals, whether you are an adult who needs help or advice about caring, a child or teen experiencing bullying, or simply alone and need to chat – the team is there to help whatever your needs.

16. Primary Contacts

Set up Primary Contact(s) to get alerts and notifications to ensure you are safe and cared for, and/or someone is notified if anything should go wrong.


This app can be downloaded for both Apple and Android mobile phones, so simply pick your favorite app store below.

Joining Hands App - A support network built around you available on itunes Joining Hands App - A support network built around you available on google play





Joining Hands – A Support Network App built around you … has to be hands down the most useful app built by carers, for those who care. They have thought of everything, and I am sure there will be additional features available in the future. Why not sign up for news, competitions and updates below.

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