MAX - A new Cary Grant Novel

MAX – A New Cary Grant Novel

Its finally here! Cary’s latest novel MAX. It’s an action packed drama, thriller, intrigue, adult romance, love story which will keep those pages turning.

MAX – A New Cary Grant Novel (ebook)

The ebook is currently available on and will shortly be available on Amazon Kindle, Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble NOOK, Kobo … and Everything Else. We will keep you posted as to when these versions will be available.

MAX – Book Blurb

Max is a high powered lawyer, but when it comes to street smarts or his love life, he is quite naïve.

He falls in love not knowing who he has really fallen in love with. Does he get the girl in the end, or is he duped into thinking he is in a loving relationship?

He has enemies that he thought were his friends. Who is trying to bring Max down? Is it is ex-wife Jasmine, his new girlfriend Casey, his boss or work colleagues … or that not so friendly police officer Sergeant Haye?

Max will take you on journey of twists and turns that will thrill you and keep you asking … How can you be in the thick of things and not have a clue what’s going on around you?

MAX – A New Cary Grant Novel (Print Edition)

The print edition should be out in a few weeks time. We still have some editing to do and will confirm when you can purchase the print edition, for those who love to hold a book, and not an ipad or kindle.

We hope you enjoy this new edition to Cary’s library and please feel free to leave your comments and/or reviews below.

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