BURNT – Christmas on Fire

BURNT - Christmas on Fire

Cary Grants’ exciting debut Novel, BURNT – Christmas on Fire is part one of a two part series, which will be available for release on Amazon Kindle from the 15th December 2015.

In the New Year, it will be available in print and all other major online ebook retailers.

Book Blurb

Christmas in 1980s London is the most exciting time for 12 year old Charmaine. The mixed race daughter of an Irish mom and Black dad, Charmaine knows it was rough for her parents when they arrived in London.

Now, they live a charmed life in a flat over her uncle’s blues club. Charmaine knows her parents love her madly, even though they’re always busy making money at the club.

This year, however, Christmas will be better than ever! Charmaine has a very special gift for her parents – a real present paid for with her own money! But how can she ever imagine her greatest joy will turn into her worst tragedy?